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Rollcrew's most valuable asset is the force we bring together as a team. 

Think of us less as a media agency and more of a creative collective. Our experts in video production, photography, and motion graphics animation create a look that is cohesive across every platform. So whether your business posts a video or photo on your Facebook page, your customer will always be able to connect the two and get a sense of your vision. Ultimately, they will be more compelled to give you their business. 


We work hand in hand to compliment each other’s strengths with one mission in mind: to bring your brand to life and connect with your clients.

Roll Call!

Andrea - Creative Director

Someone once told me there were far too many stories out there going untold. With almost a decade of video production experience, my passion for capturing the essence of the world and the people who make it, continues to grow. Whether it’s screenwriting short fantasy films on my spare time, or storyboarding for a local company's website video, what makes a story isn’t only the subject, but the tone, the style, and the feeling of what embodies the subject's world. As Creative Director for Rollcrew, my goal is to help tell stories through the medium I adore, filmmaking. With the use of media, I want people to know there’s no reason why their stories should go untold. The tools are here, let’s roll them out.

Daniel - Sr Motion Graphics

I have worked in graphics for almost a decade. My training began in Graphic Design, but eventually I felt like I needed to push my abilities to the next level and create more than just static posters and logos. After getting into ASU, I discovered there was more to animation than just cartoons, and began to create motion graphics. I landed at PBS and ASU, producing motion graphics and animations for shows and commercials. Now, I continue to study on the latest trends in the field I love. I enjoy thinking "outside the video box" and aim to create more interactive and dynamic videos. Some of my part-time hobbies include video mapping and designing projections for live shows because video shouldn't be limited to a rectangle. I also enjoy being in charge of Rollcrew's branding and our website. He is now based in Chicago.

Derek - Sr Digital Video Producer

As a lifelong fan of filmmaking, I first started creating my own content in 2010. Since then, I’ve edited over a dozen local AZ short films, and a local feature film. Proving myself a capable editor, I have since moved up to professional video producing, working behind the camera and face-to-face with clients to deliver excellent and engaging media. I am detail oriented, creatively driven, and am always striving to go above and beyond expectations.

Ted - Photographer

2017 marked the year that I, Ted Schmitz, became America's most ordinary man. Though striving my entire adult life to be as regular as possible, my accomplishment came after a perfect year of eating nothing but Chipotle and Pizza for every meal and snack. My affinity for ranch dressing fits right in the middle of the American bell curve and one can conclude from that position that I have also seen an average amount of Marvel movies. I can speak expertly on no topic but am glad to weigh in on any discussion as though I were a scholar of the subject matter. A graduate of an average college with a fine GPA in the high 2s or low 3s, I now spend my time outside of work with my two dogs and think about possibly taking up gardening.

TJ - Digital Video Producer

Inspired by animation, music videos, and particularly skate videos I started film-making early in high school. I loved how the videos that came from Arizona took scenes from my hometown and made what I thought was mundane look majestic. From then on I created skate videos with my friends and eventually worked my way through my high schools news team, some local business gigs, and graduated from the Scottsdale School of Film and Theatre with an Associates in Editing. In recent I've had the honor of working with this astounding team, getting my hands dirty with the latest film equipment and editing software, and exploring all the many industries that need video. Only to further realize theres an infinite opportunity for growth! And I look forward to bringing that innovation, enthusiasm, and inspiration to your next project!

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